GECOsistema has recently  become a Member of Copernicus Academy Network.

This network of European universities, research institutions, and private non-profit organisations,  is an initiative of the European Commission, aiming to attract new potential users for Copernicus satellite data and information by stimulating awareness, promoting knowledge transfer and skills development.

Specifically, the goal of the Network is to develop lectures, training sessions, traineeships as well as educational and training material that will empower the next generation of researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs  to take advantage of the free data and services provided by the Copernicus Sentinel satellites.

As an integral part of the recently released European Space Strategy, the Copernicus Academy has the ambition to contribute in the effort of unleashing the vast potential of Copernicus Sentinel data and service information for the benefit of the citizens of Europe and the future of our Planet.

We envisage a role of GECO in the Copernicus Academy Initiative  focused on core activities:

  • Providing tailored lectures, courses (Summer Schools) and specific case history examples to promote  use of open-source software tools for processing GIS spatial and satellite images, processing big-data using artificial intelligence tools, advanced use of seasonal and climate change data in developing operative web decision support systems and services for agriculture, energy production and flood hazard mapping.
  • Tutorial on  Climate Data Store uses and application : API (python)  and Toolboxes
  • Disseminating the use of open-source software reoccurring to Jupyter Notebook and Lab ( , Kaggle and Colab with specific application to Copernicus data
  • Promoting networking among Climate-Kic consortium and use of Copernicus  datasets in developing new R&D projects. 
  • Training activities and thesis scholarship