SWICCA Service for Water Indicators in Climate Change Adaptation
SWICCA offers readily available climate-impact data to speed up the workflow in climate-change adaptation of water management across Europe. The scope of the SWICCA project is to bridge the gap between institutes who provide water and climate data on one side, and water managers and policy makers on the other side. This is done through strengthening the capacity of the consultancy services and agencies that act as the interface between data providers and users. SWICCA will deliver a climate service for water management, where local consultancies and agencies, known as ‘knowledge purveyors’ can easily access most relevant pan-European data and tools for local applications. SWICCA offers a technical solution which covers:

  1. Visualisation of pan-European indicators;
  2. List and metadata of indicators;
  3. Tools for downscaling;
  4. Tutorial videos;
  5. Showcases on applications;
  6. Blog and user forum.