MAppiNg Green Roof Opportunities for Water and Energy efficiency


A spatial decision support system (SDSS) to evaluate the benefits associated with the transformation of existing (or new) roofs into “green roofs”.

Mangrowe integrates data and models for assessments on fundamental issues (energy, water, vegetation, landscape, construction, cost-benefit)

  • Designers and investors who want to assess feasibility of green roofing.These users will be guided by a Wizard procedure in assessing conversion of existing or new roof to a green one and evaluating benefits of the transformations
  • Planners can make large scale analysis through multi criteria tool and impact indexes to evaluate effects of green roofs adoption over vast areas

The Spatial Decision Support System – SDSS integrates data and models for evaluations related to six fundamental issues:

  1. Energy: mapping of the possible energy savings (summer cooling)
  2. Water: mapping of the water balance of the roofs and water resources potentially made available, as well as the flood mitigation
  3. Plants: choice of the optimal agronomic structure for a green roof in assigned environmental conditions, derived from local meteorological stations
  4. Landscape: integration of the green roof in a given urban or territorial fabric
  5. Construction: materials and static aspects
  6. Economy and strategy: costs and benefits, usable incentives (“thermal energy account”, fiscal reward, urban prizes), relevance for the promotion of sustainable development. Access to the service is granted by a web based interface that runs calculations under the hood and helps users to perform strategic evaluations ( mapping of green roof adoption over vast areas by showing maps of composed multicriteria indexes) as long as roof specific assessments (through a wizard guided step by step procedure)

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