“Imagination, creativity and ethics in designing turnkey solutions to tap clean energy from water, wind, sun and biomasses”

GECOsistema has extensive experience in the field of renewable energy production with particular emphasis on small hydropower plants.
We deliver turnkey solutions for the development of a small hydropower plant, from resource characterization to feasibility study, to environmental assessment and permitting, detailed design and construction engineering.

GECOsistema also undertakes resource characterization and feasibility studies for other renewable energies, including wind and biomass.

GECOsistema delivers the following services in the field of Renewable Energy:

  • characterization of exploitable resources (hydrologic analysis and instream flow requirements, wind measurement and analysis, available biomass energy content, solar radiation, geothermal energy flux)
  • suitability analysis and optimal location of renewable energy power plant
  • technical feasibility study, technology selection and design
  • economic and financial analysis
  • environmental compatibility studies
  • assistance in administrative procedures from authorization to connection to the grid

Finally, GECOsistema develops models for gas transport and distribution networks serving industrial plants and settlement.

We provide service for Small Hydropower development covering:

  • Design
  • Hydrology
  • Technical and economical feasibility
  • Topographic surveys
  • Hydraulic risk assessment
  • Environmental Impact assessment and permitting
  • Optimal site scouting and potential mapping

The development and management of new wind power sites require a detailed energy assessment in terms of wind availability and characteristics over the long-term (i.e. decades). GECOsistema delivers High Resolution Wind Energy Mapping Services in order to support wind energy assessment for multiple wind park projects around the world. When meteorological observations are scarce the use of numerical weather prediction (NWP) offer the opportunity to help in assessing the estimation of several meteorological variable such as wind, precipitation and snow. GECOsistema may deliver NWP modeling services for wind in 2 different version:

  1. Climatology (long-term hindcast) assessment based on reanalysis datasets with the aim of a specific long term (20-30 years) historical characterization of the meteorological variables in an area of interest;
  2. Forecasting, i.e. predicting short term (6 hours) or long term evolution of wind and energy production in an area of interest. Both services are developed through the implementation of nested numerical weather prediction (NWP) models from mesoscale (GFS-WRF) to high resolution (WRF-RTFDDA, CALMET, WASP, CDF), that process and analyze global forecasting or reanalysis data and meteorological observations/data. The output of the modeling studies consist in high resolution wind energy mapping with a spatial resolution 1 km or better, depending on the user requirements and phase of project development.




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