SAFERPLACES employs innovative climate, hydrological and hydraulic, topographic and economic modelling techniques to assess pluvial, fluvial and coastal flood hazard and risk in urban environments under current and future climates.

The service is designed to advice identification and assessment of flood risk mitigation measures and plans, inform climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies, and help to foster multi-stakeholder agreements and partnership for resilience building.

SaferPLACES Global Cloud Web Platform:  A digital Twin for urban flood risk and resilience

  • Flood Risk Intelligence ready to use in your city:
    • High resolution data – parcel and building data
    • Multiple Climate Scenarios
    • Flood Resilient and Mitigation Models
  • Activate the SaferPLACES platform in the city of your interest in few minutes and in 5 easy steps
    • Automatically generate the DIGITAL TWIN and retrieve all the climate, topographic and geospatial data requested
    • Exploit the innovative AI and raster-based algorithms for producing flood risk intelligence at high resolution in real-time for multiple scenarios
    • Design a resilient city – resilience models