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GECOsistema srl – Geographic Environmental COnsulting

GECOsistema is a specialist environmental consulting engineering and research company providing advanced consulting, scientific research, innovation, product developments, data science and modeling services in the fields of: water, energy, air and noise pollution, climate change and environmental risk assessment.

GECOsistema operates at both global, national and local levels in collaboration with highly qualified partners. We combine advanced environmental modelling, geographic Information System-GIS and Spatial Analysis tools, remote sensing and satellite observations, predictive analytics, data science and machine learning with razor-sharp intellectual skills to give you the critical insight you need into environmental and climate issues.

Main clients and partners we work with : Local authorities and Governments, multi-utility companies (HERA), research centers (CMCC, SMHI, EURAC, GFZ), universities (UNIBO, UNITN, TUWIEN, UNIBAS) , Oil&Gas players and engineering companies (AECOM, Syndial, Enereco, ENI).

GECOsistema has his main offices in Italy (Cesena, Rimini and Bolzano).

“Cutting edge research and innovative solutions in flood and water management”

Our Vision

Human activities require increasing intelligence in order to cope with the current and incoming challenges, given our limited natural resources. An inclusive, sustainable development entails preserving and enhancing our natural capital, avoiding unnecessary impacts on human health and ecosystems, and finding ways to benefit from ecosystem services while not harming the environment.
We look at the human entreprise as a collaborative effort to improve the quality of more and more lives, by preserving the environment.We strive to be effective partners in applying environmental intelligence in the identification of business opportunities and the improvement of efficiency of entrepreneurship initiatives.

Our Mission-Expertise

GECOsistema’s highly skilled engineers and scientists provide consulting and scientific research services in the specialized area of earth and environment differentiated through technical excellence and innovative solutions

Through advanced use of GIS, data science (Artificial Intelligence) and environmental models, we deliver both turnkey services and specialised consulting for:

  1. environmental modeling: air and noise, groundwater pollution
  2. environmental impact studies and assessments
  3. hydrology, water resources, hydroinformatics, flood and natural hazards
  4. renewable energy assessment and development
  5. GIS and spatial decision support systems
  6. climate services for water resource and energy management
  7. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for a better sustainable environment

We’re applying and investing in research and innovative approach to solve real environmental issues, creating smarter, useful products and services and by supporting as many clients and stakeholder as possible.

“Flexible, simple models and high-resolution data combined to solve complex problems”


We support decisions in the public and private sector using advanced geographic information systems (GIS), data science, artificial intelligence, remote sensing, environmental modeling and assessment techniques. Coupling advanced know-how in geomatics with cutting-edge scientific background in environmental modeling and assessment makes GECOsistema capable of deploying customized solutions for complex problems in several fields of application.

The lean structure of GECOsistema, the capacity to work in 6 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German), the multidisciplinary background of its staff and its location at the hearth of Europe and the Mediterranean, with quick and affordable global connections, enhance our effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness.

Our Belief/Values

Client focus and Adaptability

We create products and delivery services that suitable for organisations of different sizes, with different budgets and needs. We value entrepreneurial, innovative and client-oriented approach.

Open Science

We believe and promote open-science and open-access research with the aim to make scientific processes and results more transparent and accessible to our customers and stakeholders, sharing European Commision 3O’s strategy (Open innovation, open science, open to the world – a vision for Europe), promoting the use of open-source web applications (as Jupyter Notebook) for sharing our code, data and research materials.

Innovations and Passion

Sustainable development is the most challenging issue for our generation. GECOsistema is committed to being part of the global solution in what we do and how we do it” Paolo Mazzoli – Technical Director

Our long term goal is to drive growth for GECOsistema by developing and delivering innovative products, solutions and services that add business value for our customers whilst minimizing environmental impacts and promote climate-proof business.
At GECOsistema, our passion for solving these challenges connects us. Together with our customers we’ll find the answers through innovation, ingenuity and expertise.

A collaborative and open mind attitude

Constantly open to new technologies and partnerships to feed our vision and improve the products and services that we deliver.


Cloud Web Services

Cloud Web Services

GECOsistema is a specialist company providing advanced engineering web & MODELING services in the field of water, energy, pollution and natural hazard management.



We conduct environmental studies, atmospheric pollution and noise assessment, hydraulic and groundwater engineering through advanced use of geographic information systems (GIS).

Innovation & Research

Innovation & Research

GECOsistema promotes and pursues the development of Innovative products and services through the active participation to EU funded research projects.
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Stefano Bagli
Stefano BagliCEO
MSc Eng. Stefano Bagli, PhD – is an environmental engineer, data scientist and CEO of GECOsistema srl.
He has more than 20 years of experience in environmental modelling and data science (Artificial Intelligence) in the field of air quality, climate services, fate and transport of pollutants in multiple media, hydrology, flood hazard/risk mapping, remote sensing, and developing SDSS embedding models and tools into GIS systems.
Environmental modeling 95%
Environmental modeling 95%
Paolo Mazzoli
Paolo MazzoliTechnical Director
MSc Eng. Paolo Mazzoli is an environmental engineer and Technical Director of GECOsistema Srl.
He has more than 15 years of experience in Environmental Impact Assessment, Hydrology, Hydraulic Risk assessment and design, Multimedia fate and transport modelling, Hydropower plants design and climate service.
Environmental modeling 95%
Environmental modeling 95%
Valerio Luzzi
Valerio LuzziIT Specialist
Senior IT and Software Engineer with consolidate experience in code development (C/C++, VBA, C#, HTML, JAVAScript, PHP), web GIS mapping application design (Open Layer, Ajax, Yui, JQuery) and database application (SQL, MySQL, SQLite).
PHP 95%
jQuery 95%
Antonio Sartini
Antonio SartiniGeospatial Analyst and Remote Sensing
MSc Antonio Sartini is an Environmental Scientist with specialisation in GIS, Geospatial Analysis and Remote Sensing with particular focus on photogrammetry.
Antonio is a licensed drone pilot with skills in topographic surveys, 3D rendering and GIS mapping.
PHP 95%
jQuery 95%
Davide Broccoli
Davide BroccoliEnvironmental Modeling Specialist
MSc Eng. Davide Broccoli is a senior civil and environmental engineer (chartered in 2004), and works as a consultant since 2005. He has more than 10 years of experience in environmental modelling, GIS, Spatial Decision Support System integrating fate and transport and hydrologic and hydrogeological mathematical numerical models.
PHP 95%
jQuery 95%
Sara Pianini
Sara PianiniAir Dispersion and Noise Modeling Specialist
MSc Eng. Sara Pianini is an environmental engineer and collaborator of GECOsistema srl for over 10 years, in which she gained experience in GIS, Air Dispersion and Meteorological modeling (CALMET / CALPUFF models, AERMET / AERMOD;), impact noise assessment and monitoring, Strategic environmental assessment (urban transformation), Environmental impact studies (energy plants, treatment plants, landfills, renewable energy plants, survey geophysical 3D)
PHP 95%
jQuery 95%
Francesca Renzi
Francesca RenziResearch Project Manager
Msc. Francesca Renzi is an Applied Chemistry Scientist with skills in biomass processing for fuels and chemicals, chemistry of energy technologies, renewable energy production, environmental sciences.
Francesca she is the PM of Saferplaces.co EIT- Climate KIC project.
PHP 95%
jQuery 95%
Lorenzo Borelli
Lorenzo BorelliJunior Software Engineer
Lorenzo Borelli is Junior software engineer with experience in frontend and backend development, specifically with Python, JavaScript, HTML, C/C++.
Graduated in Computer Science and currently pursuing a Master degree in Artificial Intelligence
PHP 95%
jQuery 95%