A GIS Tool for mapping human health risk related to industrial emissions

RISK-GIS is a GIS-DSS, developed as extension of ARCMap ESRI GIS software for mapping the fate and transport, the assessment of risk and exposure to toxic chemicals released into the environment from anthropogenic sources (continuous or accidental) or related to contaminated sites.

RISK-GIS allows an experienced user to proceed in several stages involving the HHRA (Human Health Risk Assessment) quantification through the use of fate and transport models of the of pollutants in different environmental media (ASTM/RBCA Tier II models, MODFLOW, MT3D, HSSM, Vleach, ISC3, CALPUFF), characterization of the receptors exposed to and use of specific models (RBCA, HWIR, CALTOX,) for the estimation of exposure and risk.

RISK-GIS is suitable for both assessments of the risk to human health posed by contamination of air, soil and groundwater at industrial sites.

Potential mains users of RISK-GIS are:

  • contaminated land reclamation project managers
  • environmental and human health risk assessors
  • industrial area managers dealing with human exposure

RISK-GIS tool embeds into a single environment the following models and tools for performing Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment:

  • ASTM/RBCA Tier II models
  • HWIR Food Chain exposure models
  • IRIS DB: chemical, physical and toxicological properties of Chemical of Concerns – COCs

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