"Passion, vision and competence for supporting decisions on the environment, resources, climate adaptation and sustainable growth"

GECOsistema is a specialist environmental engineering company providing advanced consulting, product developments and modeling services in the fields of: water, energy, air and noise pollution, climate change and natural hazard management. Combining advanced environmental modelling, GIS and Spatial Analysis tools, remote sensing, predictive analytics, data science and machine learning and razor-sharp intellectual skills to give you the critical insight you need into environmental and climate issues.

Our Vision


Human activities require increasing intelligence in order to cope with the current challenges of the humankind, given our limited natural resources. An inclusive, sustainable development entails preserving and enhancing our natural capital, avoiding unnecessary impacts on human health and ecosystems, and finding ways to benefit from ecosystem services while not harming the environment.

We look at the human entreprise as a collaborative effort to improve the quality of more and more lives, also through the maintenance of our living environment, and we strive to be effective partners in applying environmental intelligence in the identification of business opportunities and the improvement of performances of human initiatives.

Our Mission


Through advanced use of GIS, data science (Artificial Intelligence)  and environmental models, we deliver both turnkey services and specialised consulting for:

1) environmental impact studies and assessments

2) water resources, flood and natural hazards

3) renewable energy assessment and development

4) spatial decision support systems

5) climate services for water resource and energy managment



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“Cutting edge research and innovative solutions for sustainability, water management and pollution assessment!

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We support decisions in the public and private sector using advanced geographic information systems (GIS), data science, artificial intelligence, remote sensing, environmental modeling and assessment techniques. Coupling advanced know-how in geomatics with cutting-edge science in environmental modeling and assessment makes GECOsistema capable of deploying solutions for difficult problems in several fields of application. The lean structure of GECOsistema, the capacity to work in 6 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German), the multidisciplinary background of its staff and its location at the hearth of Europe and the Mediterranean, with quick and affordable global connections, enhance our effectiveness, efficiency and affordability.



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CASE 10: Groundwater modeling service Niger

CASE 12: Groundwater modeling service Niger —  MODEL CODES: FEFLOW 3D —  POURPOSES: —  Evaluate the preliminary assessment of the potential for groundwater contamination from a chloride stock in the Niger delta —  ACTIVITIES —  Construction of a three-dimensional hydraulic model for flow and chloride transport —  Sensitivity analysis on unknown hydrogeological properties —  RESULTS: evaluation of potential contamination scenarios —...